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thedancingdalekbrigade asked: I just wanted to say, not to be awkward or anything…. but your comics are really cute and you're so talented and arghhh….. Okay, I'm going to go hide now. (╯._.╰)


Aaaaw thank you so much! This isn’t awkward at all, to be honest! HAHA! Gaaah thank you for the compliments!!!! They mean so much to me!!! In return, I’d like to give you some compliments as well: you’re cute and amazing! ♥ Continue being an amazing person!! =D

I just trapped you in one of my bearhugs by the way (which means you can’t really hide now hihi).


babygirl751 asked: Why did you draw the monsters inc drawing? Also why is boo not there At the last door? And is she waiting for sully and she gets older and he never comes or what? Thanks xoxo Avyana

I drew that particular scene because I just felt like it. Haha! As odd as it may sound, I just had the sudden Monsters Inc feels that pushed me to draw. I was listening to the Boo’s Theme piano arrangement when the feels struck me (listen to it while you look at the comic, I swear it’ll add more feels. you’re welcome)

We’ll never know. I think that’s the beauty of it. It’s an open-ended comic which means you get to hypothesize or think of your own ending to the comic. I’ve read tons of creative and amazing opinions from you guys, to name a few: some stated that Boo might have grown up and gave up. Some stated that Boo might have died. Some stated that she might have found Kitty/Sulley through another door. And some referred to the so-called Pixar Theory.

As she grows up, as illustrated in the first five frames, she is waiting for Kitty in front of her closet. Though, about Sulley, I’ve never really given that much thought to it haha! He might be super busy and forget to peek through her closet. Or he might be peeking occasionally but somehow not catch Boo in her room. She’s busy growing up, after all. Or he might be peeking through her door, walking up to her in her bed as she peacefully slumbers and whispers "I miss you, Boo," softly every single night (which would explain why when Boo wakes up, she feels the need to wait in front of her closet)

That’s just my idea/opinion, though! Feel free to reblog that post and add in your own opinions, ideas, or endings to the story! I would be very glad to see your wonderful ideas! Haha! (i read as much reblogs as i can in a daily basis… every single reblog. yes) I appreciate your feedback and I can’t thank you guys enough! <3

asking-laughingjack asked: Did you want to cause an entire generation top cry their tears out (monster Inc post)

I had no intention of making an entire generation cry when I drew that, to be honest. Haha! But yeah, I’m suuuuper touched by the feedback from my monsters inc post! Thank you so much! (i never really imagined that that post would get to that number of notes so this is all so overwhelming for me)

And don’t worry, you guys aren’t the only ones who got teary-eyed. Some tears were shed during the making of that drawing.

I swear, Fionna The Human and I have a potential best friends forever relationship. I can strongly feel it in my gut.

(((okay let’s be real here. i’ll be her second best friend forever since cake’s obviously her super duper mega best friend forever)))


I never expected that my first post would be about a happy robot velociraptor… but hey, at least he’s happy.

I would like to start this blog with an introduction. Let’s start with myself. Hi, I’m Kat. I do random illustrations (or doodles, if you prefer to call it that way) based on my experiences or other people’s experiences… or anything that pops into my mind. I like making friends (hint hint) so let’s be friends! I would hug the reader (that’s you… yes, YOU) right now because by reading this sentence you have automatically become my friend… but sadly I can’t because hugging through the internet has not been invented yet.

Enough about me. The one up there farting rainbows is my dog named Dash. Ironically, I own a dog and not a cat (my url is catsandkats but Kat doesn’t have a cat) but I’m still happy since Dash is adorbs. Oh and about that rainbow, usually humans don’t really see it but all animals leave rainbow trails…….yup.

p.s. i don’t really have merch… and i’m not advertising myself psh (lol just kidding, i wanna meet new friends) 

tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?